Idea of Virtual Mining

Everybody who could try yourself as a miner and in a time to get real value without buying expensive equipment, setting it up and supporting it. All this we present you as a comfortable game environment in usual browser, which can provide you to monitor the status of your equipment, difficulties of common network, electricity consumption and getting profit.

Owing to virtual equipment it is possible to mine BTC and other top crypto-current with minimal start attachment.

Valuable offers
Aleksandr Rachko - СVO Virtual Mining Aleksandr Rachko


Maksim Belogurov - CTO Virtual Mining Maksim Belogurov


Nikolay Pitirimov - ICO менеджер Virtual Mining Nikolay Pitirimov

ICO manager

Vadim Lyapin - CMO Virtual Mining Vadim Lyapin


Vladimir Gonchar - ICO Advisor Vladimir Gonchar

ICO Advisor

Aleksey Gusev Aleksey Gusev

Gameplay Advisor

Aleksandra Rychkova Aleksandra Rychkova

Game designer

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